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Scott Arciszewski

Software, Privacy, Security, Innovation

Inaugural Blog Post

August 2, 2013 1:17 PM • Development

Hey everyone, welcome to my new website. I'll be writing here frequently about all manner of things (math, technology, society, politics, science, video games, etc.).

If you don't know who I am, allow me to indulge in a little self-narrative:

My name is Scott Arciszewski. I've been building web pages with HTML since I was in the 4th Grade, I taught myself Javascript in the 6th Grade, and I began to teach myself PHP in the 7th Grade. Throughout my middle and high school careers, I built two mildly popular websites: Kobra's Realm and Kobra's Corner, which each brought a few hundred unique visitors per day. The former was dedicated to my passion for indie video games, the latter was where I honed my writing skills. This website is intended to be part spiritual successor to both initiatives, but also serve as a place to publish my independent security research and opinions about topics relevant to the security industry and the hacker underground.

I am by no means a qualified "expert" on security. I have no degrees or certifications to fall back on in a debate. The first time I found a security flaw in a website, I didn't even know how to report it properly, which resulted in being arrested and having my face plastered all over the news.

What I have to offer is real-world experience as a web developer who actively seeks better ways to ensure the integrity of web applications.

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