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Reliable Torrent Searching with Google

January 12, 2014 3:48 AM • Hilarity, Opinion, Politics, Thought Experiments

What I'm about to describe is a simple and smart-assed way to bypass the censorship imposed by Google on their search results at the behest of the MPAA, RIAA, and other American organized crime organizations. Use this at your own risk, for educational reasons, etc. Standard disclaimer.

Hypothetical situation: You want to download something off the internet (which isn't illegal in every jurisdiction, so sheath your sword, moral crusaders), which someone else has illegally made available using the BitTorrent protocol. What do you do?

"I'll just go to a torrent search engine like The Pirate Bay and search for it there."

Sure, that generally works, but what if it's something obscure, like one-legged midget porn? You would have to check every torrent search engine until you found one that had it indexed. What a chore.

In these situations, most people resort to typing queries into Google: "one legged" OR amputee midget porn intitle:torrent, but Google routinely removes entries from its search results, so if the copyright owner filed a DMCA takedown, you might not get your desired torrent.

But Google does something nice: Whenever it receives a DMCA notice, it shares it with a site called Chilling Effects. Google also crawls the Chilling Effects and includes it in its search results.

Consequently, we can do something like this: "the hobbit" torrent and find all the URLs in which a person might be able to obtain their pirated material (for example).

Furthermore, it's highly probable that this approach will result in finding legitimate, high-quality pirated copies of movies, music, software, and/or textbooks compared to traditional methods, because it highlights the material that the crony capitalists wish to remain out of the hands of the public.

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