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Comments Requested - What Do You Want to See Next?

August 11, 2014 3:40 PM • Poll

I have a number of projects in the works. Some are programming projects, other are writing projects. I'd like to know which of the following sounds more enticing.

  1. Finish Onionimbus.
  2. Write a series of articles, aimed at developers, about implementing web application security.
  3. Resume development on the Anonymous News website. (Implementation design depends on Onionimbus.)
  4. Develop a password strength library based on zxcvbn that adds compression ratios and chi-square randomness tests. (Open source, of course!)
  5. Develop a safe file upload/download script that correctly checks file types, applies customizable rules, and uploads violations to VirusTotal.
  6. Perform a full code review on HTML Purifier.
  7. Perform a full code review on WordPress.
  8. Develop Fingerpaint.js (Library for color and glyph representations of OTR fingerprints) for Cryptocat
  9. Static Wordpress publishing platform (over SFTP / Tor)

Please comment below, shoot me an email/tweet, or message me on XMPP.

Update (2014-08-11) - I am widening the scope here to include research initiatives as well!

  1. Research Browser Extensions -- write one that only allows signed and trusted Javascript to execute
  2. Research YubiHSM-- possibly write an open source API/SDK for PHP if none exists

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